Mineral Resources Information Center

            Mineral Resources Information Center (MRIC) is the geological and mineral resources information center applying suitable information technology as a tool to help increase efficiency of geological and mineral resource management data acquisition, storage, processing and dissemination. The main responsibilities are introducing opinions or suggestion and specification, policies and plans for DMRs information technology movement including information technological cooperation both national and international, execution regarding the standards of earth science information, serving the geological and mineral resource information to the governmental and private sectors, establishing and enhancing the information network and e-government environment within DMR and among the concerning organizations and any other responsibilities to be assigned.

           MIRC was formerly established as Technical Information Center (TIC) in June, 1984, under the Mineral Resources Development Project aiming at geological and mineral resource information management. Later on December 2nd 1994, TIC was upgraded to be MRIC as an internal division. The drastic change took place again due to the 2002 bureaucratic reform the MRIC was officially established as a division in the DMR.

  1. Digital geological maps of Thailand scale 1:250,000, etc.
  2. Metadata of geological maps of Thailand scale 1:50,000.
  3. The first mineral deposit database of Thailand.
  4. Metallogenic map of Thailand.
  5. Framework of geological and mineral data structure which can be used in developing efficient geological and mineral resource information system.
  6. Asian Multilingual Thesaurus of Geoscience (AMTG) Thai translation.
  7. Website : www.dmr.go.th