Geoscientific information provision
Geoscientific information is regularly provided to the Royal Thai Government through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), especially during mobile cabinet meetings, which are normally held and oriented in various provinces around the country. Occasionally, geoscientific documents on specific issues are prepared to support the Thai Parliament and concerned government agencies.
DMR usually provides information to the public in various forms, e.g., technical reports, geological maps, posters, books, leaflets, videos and websites. Furthermore, the information is also distributed through other forms of activities and media, e.g., training caurses, meetings, seminars, libraries, and geological museums.
The various types of digital and printed thematic geological maps are available for free download and for sale as followed
Geological maps
- digital and printed geological maps of four different scales
- provincial geological maps
Mineral resources maps
- mineral potential map of Thailand
- mineral resource maps
- provincial mineral resources maps
- carbonate rocks map
Airborne geophysical maps and data
- aeromagnetic maps
- radiometric maps
- airborne electromagnetic maps Geohazard maps
- active fault map of Thailand
- seismic hazard map of Thailand
- landslide hazard maps