Minerals Identification and Analysis
The two main services of the Bureau of Mineral Resources Analysis and Identification (BMRAI) are
- Provision of geological material identification, the assay, chemical analytical and geochemical analysis services for DMR and other government offices, research and education institutes, mining industrial agencies and the private sector.
- Provision of advice and training on rock, mineral and geological material analysis and identification.
To facilitate the users, the services are grouped on activity basis;
Gems and Geological Material Identification Group is responsible for the physical analysis and identification of gems, minerals, rocks and soils samples to support geological evidence for geological mapping, ore deposit environment and gem quality standard and certification.
Rock and Mineral Resource Analysis Group is responsible for the quantitative analysis of geological materials' chemical compositions to support geological and mineral explorations.
Geochemical Analysis Group is in charge of high accuracy geochemical analysis of rocks, soils, stream sediments and vegetations for the concentration in ppm. or ppb. of elements to locate the mineral deposits and the impact on the environment of mining and geohazards.
Technical Development and Promotion Group is accountable for research study concerning the development and improvement of chemical and physical laboratory techniques for the higher efficiency of analytical methods.  
Minerals Identification and Analysis fee